27 November Tehran Times

Abadan refinery capacity to reach 555,000 barrels a day


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Following its renovation, the production capacity of Abadan Oil Refinery will reach 555,000 barrels per day. On Monday [26 November], the director of the renovation project said that one of the main goals of the plan, besides raising the refinery's capacity, is to improve the quality of products and increase their value.

He stated that the refinery will not have a stable future without these improvements, and added that the reconstruction and renovation plans would be completed in two phases. He said that an investment of 37m dollars (200bn rials) was needed for the first phase, which included planning, buying equipment, construction, and installation.

He added, "The analysis of the first phase is being conducted by the Abadan Oil Refinery, and the next began after contracts were signed with petrochemical engineering companies last month.

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