20 December


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Reconstruction: Kharrazi says Iran has plans for Afghanistan's reconstruction Posted the Friday, December 21 2001 @ 15:25:40 MET Kabul, Dec 21, IRNA -- Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said here Friday that Tehran has devised extensive plans for reconstruction of Afghanistan. Kharrazi said that after the establishment of the interim government in Afghanistan delegations are to be dispatched to Kabul to survey ways and means for Iran's contribution to Afghanistan's reconstruction. Kharrazi arrived here on Friday on a two-day official visit to take part in ceremonies for transition of power in Afghanistan. The Iranian Minister told IRNA correspondent in Kabul that Iran is ready to contribute to reconstruction of the economic, industrial and agricultural infrastructures in Afghanistan, and help rural development, and reconstruction of the telecommunications, radio and TV networks of that country. He said Iran should seriously and dearly contribute to the reconstruction cause of Afghanistan. Kharrazi is accompanied by a delegation from the Agricultural Jihad Ministry and the Islamic Republic of Iran's Broadcasting (IRIB) in his state visit to Kabul. He said Iran has a plan to help Afghanistan replace other basic crop plantations onstead of that country's poppy cultivation. Iran has recently implemented a tentative project in Afghan villages bordering Iran, said Kharrazi, adding that the project has had good results. He added that the IRIB is ready to help in the reconstruction process of Afghanistan's radio and TV networks and to produce programs for them, given sharing cultural, lingual and religious commonalties of the Iranian nation with the Afghans. Immediately after the collapse of the Taliban militants in Kabul, Iran reconstructed and put to operation Afghanistan's radio and TV technical installations that had been ruined in the course of the past five years of the Stone Age Taliban regime. Kharrazi expressed pleasure over victory of Afghan people and expressed hope that the new Afghan interim government, that will come to power on Saturday, will prepare the ground for the establishment of a strong government, restoration of peace, tranquility and democracy on the basis of cultural and religious principles of the Afghan people. He stressed that the Iranian government and private sectors would have a strong presence at the scene of Afghanistan's reconstruction. Iran is the first country to announce resumption of its commercial flights to Kabul on Friday after Taliban's collapse. Iran-Afghanistan air route opened on Friday as an Iranian passenger plane landed in Bagram Airport north of Kabul on Friday. Iran's private aviation company has announced that it has plans to conduct flights to Kabul, Herat and Mazar-i-Sharif from Tehran and Mashhad (Khorasan Province).

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