2 December Xinhuanet

Peace in Afghanistan Important: Iranian President


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Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said here on Sunday that peace and stability in Afghanistanis "important" to the Islamic republic, Radio Payam (message) reported.

During a meeting with visiting Dutch Minister of Foreign AffairsJozias Van Aartsen, Khatami said Tehran supports any U.N.-led efforts in promoting peace in the war-torn country. Khatami stressed that the peace should be founded on the participation of all Afghan tribes and groups in establishing a broad-based government, the radio said.

For his part, Aartsen praised Iran's stance on terrorism and theSeptember 11 terror attack on New York and Washington. Iran had a quick reaction to the attacks on the U.S., with Iranian President Khatami openly condemning the evil phenomenon.

Aartsen underlined the need of participation of Afghan people indeciding the future of their own country. Meanwhile, the Dutch minister stressed the eagerness of Holland and other European Union members to consolidate relations with Iranduring a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Kamal Kharazi.

Aartsen is the latest European top diplomat who came here for soliciting Tehran's view on anti-terrorism and seeking cooperation in this regard. Enditem

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