6 November IranExpert

Rafsanjani criticizes America for producing chemical, nuclear weapons


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The chairman of the Expediency Council has criticized the West and America for producing, stockpiling and using chemical and nuclear weapons and supporting Iraq in producing these substances and using them in its war against the Islamic Republic of Iran .

In a meeting with a group of the IRGC personnel in charge of the Ansar al-Mahdi Protection Force he said that the production and stockpiling of these weapons is the biggest mistake of the West and America. Mr Hashemi-Rafsanjani, referring to the incidents in America and the spread of anthrax in that country, warned of the start of a new phase of terrorist operations in the world.

During Rafsanjani's tenure as the Iranian president Iran faced repeated chemical weapons attacks from the Iraqi army. Many of the IRGC are familiar with these attacks and the military high command ensures that the IRGC and regular forces have chemical and biological capability

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