29 November Jomhuri-ye Eslami

Hardliner paper calls for investigation of anti-Islamic sentiments in USA


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The US Islamic Relations' Council [USIRC] in its newest statement has denounced the "anti-Islamic move" in the US and called on George Bush to avoid falling, unwillingly, into a conflict with Islam.

The USIRC, located in Washington D.C., in its statement called for an end to "accusations" against Islam, Muslim communities, and the leaders of these communities in the US.

The USIRC also called on the guardians of the US mass media and the country's officials to avoid being used as an apparatus in this unfair, un-American, and abominable confrontation and to avoid undermining George Bush's efforts in attesting and demonstrating that the campaign against terrorism is not a campaign against Islam.

Ebrahim Hooper, the USIRC spokesperson, said that since the 11th of September terrorist attacks on the US, the US Muslims and the leaders who represent them have become the target of an unprecedented anti-Islam assault, especially by the groups which support Israel. In order to establish a link between legitimate Islamic groups and the terrorists, those with anti-Islam sentiments have made accusations against these legitimate groups by sending faxes, e-mails, and letters to journalists and US officials directly.

Mr Hooper added that almost every day we have been forced to defend our views and that of the organizations under our supervision against the journalists and reporters who have no ill intentions but have been influenced by such false, misleading, and pathetic misinformation.

The USIRC, in another announcement regarding the recent anti-Islam movement in the US noted that one of the first rules of political debate is to avoid repeating accusations against the opposition.

However, the detestable and revengeful rumours have been increasing so much that we have been forced to take this unusual step so that we can make journalists and politicians realize that they are being misinformed.

The guardians of the mass media and the US politicians are responsible and should not allow others to use them, even if unwillingly, as a device in this "illegitimate and humiliating political dispute".

We call on the journalists and politicians to investigate the "behind-the-scenes intentions" of those who are making such baseless accusations and refrain from helping anyone who intends to silence the voice of a religious minority in the US.

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