18 December Iranian TV

Iran to export Antonov-140 aircraft to Ukraine


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With the transfer of the technical know-how on the manufacture of Antonov-140 aircraft to the country, the Islamic Republic of Iran will soon join the ranks of exporters of this type of aircraft.

The third of this type of aircraft has been built and is in the process of receiving its touch certificate, its TC, which is its flight worthiness certificate.

At present a team from the Civil Aviation Organization is in Ukraine in connection with the export of the aircraft. That is, Iran, as the exporting country, and the Civil Aviation Organization, as the manufacturer of the aircraft, should give the necessary guarantees, in writing, that the aircraft is up to international standards, so that five aircraft could be exported to Ukraine.

It has a very very good market, as there are about 300 Antonov-24 aircraft flying around the world, which are suffering from ageing and are being phased out. This type of aircraft can replace them. It is going through a very very good process.

This is the only type of aircraft that can fly to Ilam, Sanandaj and Yasuj without any problems, considering the conditions in that area. At present we need at least 15 of this type of aircraft for domestic use. That is, we need them for our various airlines, and if 15 were ready they are ready to buy them.

This story will be covered in the next issue of Iran Defence News Volume 1 Number 2 January 2 2002

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