21 November Iran Business Wire

APC to produce 60,000 tons of PVC


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Abadan Petrochemical Complex (APC) will be producing 60,000 tons of PVC by the end of the current Iranian year (started 21 March 2001), APC Managing Director, Ahmad Baroul stated on 15 November 2001.

The official added that the complex produced some 31,000 tons of PVC during the first seven months of the current Iranian year, up by 16% compared to the corresponding figure the year before. Mr. Baroul further noted that APC exports various petrochemicals including PVC to Germany, Pakistan, the UAE, Afghanistan, Iraq and China. In the previous Iranian year (started March 21), the industrial complex produced some 50,000 tons of PVC as well as 30,000 tons of caustic acid and DDB.

He said that although production activities of the complex were interrupted for five years during the Iraqi-imposed war, its current DDB and caustic acid outputs show increases of 113 percent and 240 percent, respectively, compared to output figures of the years prior to the war period.

According to the same official, some 95 percent of the complex's industrial spare parts needs are met domestically which, he said, implies large amounts of savings in foreign exchange and the creation of job opportunities for many Iranians. He put job opportunities created by the complex at 1,100. He further noted in the last year more than 90 percent of the complex's products were exported abroad or used domestically

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