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Army manufactures advanced armoured vehicle


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The Armoured Research Department of Industrial Organization which is affiliated to the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics has designed and manufactured the second generation of armoured vehicle.

It is aimed at strengthening mobile and stationary armoured units against two-staged missiles. The second generation of armoured vehicle has great defensive capabilities against a variety of two-staged armour-piercing missiles. It will increase the defence capabilities of the armoured units against modern anti-armour missiles.

Its two-staged explosion mechanism will increase the manoeuvrability of the armoured units of the armed forces. Relative low cost, great efficiency, high performance, light weight and quick assembly are among the especial features of the second generation armoured vehicle.

Iran has purchased a variety of armoured vehicles from Russia and syill uses variants of the M-113 that the previous regime purchased. Even though the older versions were refurbished with Western, Chinese, and Soviet parts the new generations of armour piercing missiles have made these vehicles obsolete

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