3 October Itar Tass

Russian weapons demonstrated to Iranian defence minister


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Iranian Defence Minister Admiral Ali Shamhani paid a visit on Wednesday to the Machine-Building Design Bureau in Kolomna, a town near Moscow. This is the first personal acquintance of an Iranian military leader with the products of this special Russian exporter of military hardware.

The Iranian military delegation is to be shown there the latest and updated tactical armaments, which this enterprise exports to many countries of the world. An official of the enterprise told Itar-Tass on Wednesday that the Iranian delegation would be shown several products of the enterprise: Igla, Igla-1, Dzhigit, Strelets-2M and Strela-10MZ anti-aircraft and portable anti-aircraft missile systems; Malyutka-2, Shturm, Ataka, and Khrizantema anti-tank missile systems; Tochka-U and Iskander-E operational-tactical missile systems; and Arena-E tank protection complexes.

The official said that there would be no demonstration launchings of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles on the plant's testing ground during the visit of the Iranian delegation. The Arena-E tank-protection system will not be shown in action too, he added.

He did not confirm reports that Russo-Iranian negotiations were now under way on possible deliveries to Iran of the latest Iskander-E operational-tactical missile complexes. However, he did not rule out the possibility that after seeing the export products of the Machine-Building Design Bureau, the Iranian military would be inclined to buy some of the latest armaments manufactured in Kolomna.

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