4 October Itar-Tass

Iran-Russia high tech arms deal will earn the Russians $7 billion


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Russia will earn "a minimum of 7bn dollars" in five years from military-technical cooperation with Iran, head of the centre coordinating Russian-Iranian programmes, Radzhab Safarov, said at a press conference in Moscow today.

"The agreement, which was signed in Moscow on Tuesday [2 October], dwells on various aspects of Iran's arms purchases from Russia. This includes Su-27 and Su-30 fighter jets, Ka-50 and Ka-52 helicopters, and T-90 and T-82U tanks," Safarov said. "It is a general agreement, and adjustments will naturally be made." "Several concrete agreements are being drafted," he said. "Negotiations on the Iranian purchase of the Iskander operative and tactical system and the Yakhont supersonic ship-based missiles are nearing completion," Safarov said.

Furthermore after signing the agreement with Russia, Iran may rank third after India and China in purchases of arms and materiel, he remarked. Russia and Iran will develop their partnership in all spheres, general director of the New Programmes and Concepts holding, Boris Kuzyk, has told Interfax while commenting on a military-technical cooperation agreement that has been signed by Russia and Iran in Moscow.

The agreement will make possible a civilized dialogue on arms supplies to Iran and the joint production of high-tech goods, Kuzyk said. It is planned to supply only defensive armaments, which will not endanger regional stability, he noted.

"Iran clearly stated its adherence to the Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty and cooperation with Russia in dual-use technologies" at negotiations between Russian Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov and his Iranian counterpart Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Kuzyk said. Favourable conditions are being created for comprehensive cooperation between Russia and Iran, Kuzyk said. Last year the Russian-Iranian trade turnover grew by 20 per cent year-on-year and exceeded 600m dollars.

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