19 November IranExpert

Leader appoints new head to Army's intelligence organization


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The Iranian leader and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ayatollah Khamenei has appointed a new commander for Iranian Army intelligence Unit.

On Monday Brigadier-General Dianatfar was appointed as head of the Intelligence Organization of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Leader appreciated services of Dianatfar's predecessor Brigadier-General Montazeri.

The Iranian Army Intelligence is responsible for monitoring the capability and deployment of military units of foreign armies. It is also responsible for gathering information for the procurement needs for the Iranian Army.

The Iranian Army Intelligence had set up a division for the clandestine procurement of military nuclear technology from abroad and, subsequently, for the clandestine purchase and shipment of missiles and missile technology from China and North Korea.  This division, is funded partly by secret funds and concealed allocations from the Iranian budget.

This unit is instrumental in helping Iran achieve a military nuclear and delivery capability despite its lack of adequate human resources with the required expertise. Thus, the Iranian Army Intelligence, which was originally an agency for the collection of external intelligence and was regarded with suspicion by the Islamic Republic, has developed into an agency adept in covert actions and clandestine procurement of denied technologies as well.

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