14 November Tehran Times

Major General: Iran Envoy of Peace, Justice in World


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The commander of the Army Ground Forces Major General Salimi said that today, by readily adopting just and moral policies, Iran heralds peace and justice in the world.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the Army's Farabi Science and Technology Institute, Major General Salimi added that the independence and territorial integrity of the country would be secured by the readiness of the armed forces.

"The Islamic Republic Army monitors regional developments extensively, and controls the country's borders, while preserving and strengthening its defensive and military readiness," he said.

The commander said that the Army relies both on a strong faith and modern military technology and discipline, and is always ready to defend the country and the system.

Major General Salimi added, "Today, the Army, along with Iran's other armed forces, uphold the Islamic system's honor and will maintain the independence and strength of the country under any circumstances."

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