27 November Interfax

Russians complete gas pipeline contract in Iran


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Stroytransgaz (STG) has completed the construction of the Asaluye-Kangan pipeline section in Iran, as part of the Igat-3 project, STG Vice-President Aleksandr Kudryavtsev told Interfax.

He said that the gas pipeline, which is 72 km long and 56 inches in diameter, is "only a small part" of the project to set up a main pipeline for the transportation of gas from the South Pars field in the north [as received - it is in southern Iran] of Iran. The contractor for the construction was the Iranian company South Pars. "This is the first project in Iran in 20 years in which a Russian company has participated," Kudryavtsev said.

He also announced that as part of this project the company is participating in several tenders for the construction of the 500-km Asaluye-Aqajari pipeline. The company also plans to participate in tenders for the construction of underground gas reservoirs in Iran.

"We are currently holding talks with large Western companies, with which we are already setting up or would like to set up consortiums in Iran. These are for the most part not construction companies but investors," the vice-president said.

STG has certain advantages over its competitors on the Iranian market, including Western competitors, he said. He explained that Iranian pipelines are for the most part made from pipes of the same diameter as those used in Russia - 56 inches. "Only Russian and Iranian companies" have significant experience of building pipelines of such a large diameter, he said.

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