18 December IRNA

Iran's ambassador to Russia visits nuclear power plant


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Gholam Reza Shafe'i and a delegation from Iran's Atomic Energy Organization visited Russia's Ordzhonikidze Plant in an industrial town near Moscow in order to follow up the progress of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant project.

The plant is manufacturing and facilitating the fourth steam generator of Bushehr Power Plant whose manufacturing process is approaching its final stages.

The Iranian ambassador in this visit stressed on the need for completion of the project based on the signed contracts and timely shipment of the equipment to Iran according to the time schedule and in compliance with international standards.

He meanwhile expressed hope for receiving compensation charges due to the overall delay in the manufacturing process in comparison with the original delivery schedule of the Iranian atomic power plant's accessories. The managing director of the plant too, presented a history of the project and explained his plant's engineers' activities.

It should be noted that three out of the four steam generators of Iran's Bushehr Atomic Power Plant have already been manufactured and shipped to Iran after relevant standard testing.

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