6 December ANS TV

Azeris should not be suspicious of Iran-Russia military ties, envoy


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President Heydar Aliyev has said at a meeting with Iranian Ambassador in Baku Ahad Qaza'i that he is ready to visit Iran, though it is now Ramadan.

Iran will support Azerbaijan during voting at the United Nations on the Nagornyy Karabakh conflict, Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Ahad Qaza'i said at the meeting with President Heydar Aliyev. Then the two men discussed preparations for the president's planned visit to Iran. Mr Qaza'i said that the preparations had been completed and officials in Tehran were ready to receive Aliyev at any time.

The Azerbaijani president said that an Azerbaijani delegation would be sent to Iran in this connection. Mr President also said that he was ready to make his official visit to Iran during the month of Ramadan. Let us recall that at their meeting on 27 October, Heydar Aliyev accused Qaza'i of foiling the president's visit to Iran, which had been scheduled for 17-18 September.

The ambassador said that the Iranian president's special envoy on the Caspian Sea, Mr [Mehdi] Safari, will travel to Azerbaijan on 11 December to hold bilateral talks on the status of the Caspian. Qaza'i told journalists after the meeting that they should not be suspicious of Iran's military cooperation with Russia.

Qaza'i said that Iran has regular economic relations with Russia and it is the personal business of Iran and Russia what agreements they conclude, what they buy and what they sell. The ambassador said that he supports the expansion of multilateral relations between neighbouring countries. Afat Telmangizi and Emil Babaxanov, ANS.

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