25 September CNA

Azerbaijan prepared almost all documents to be signed during Aliyev's visit to Iran


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Baku, September 25, 2001. (CNA). As for today, Azerbaijan initialed eight of nine documents, prepared for signing during the forthcoming visit of the Azeri President Heydar Aliyev to Iran.

The Azeri Minister for Development, Co-chairman of the Azeri-Iranian inter-state economic commission Farkhad Aliyev informed that the documents cover transport, veterinary, customs, cultural spheres. He stressed that the Iranian side still refrains from initialing the documents on cooperation in trade and health spheres because of some discord in opinions.

Thus, in 1994 one of Iranian companies supplied to Azerbaijan batch of wheat flour, and now it demands from Azerbaijan payment. The Iranian side thinks that the trade document may be initialed right after the payments on delivery of wheat flour are made. The Minister expressed confidence that soon all these problems will be regulated and the documents will be ready for signing by the visit of the Azeri President to Iran.

Farghad Aliyev also stressed that another separate document is to be signed for widening the cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan. This document covers all issues, which can be discussed within the framework of the commission.

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